RR strives to promote Syrian issues within the British landscape through work on policy and media



RR brings Syrians together through monthly seminars, social gatherings and annual Syrian Days, and provides an advice service for new refugees.



RR, in collaboration with other UK-registered charities, has initiated a project to bring Syrian children back to school


Recent News

ACTION ALERT: Write your MP to support a no-bombing-zone over Syria

ACTION ALERT: Write your MP to support a no-fly-zone over Syria

Given that a UK vote on Syria is anticipated to be within a month, we need everyone's support to amplify the message that SYRIA NEEDS A NO-BOMBING ZONE! Please write to your MP by clicking on the link below and copying and pasting the following text into the relevant area. Then kindly share with all your contacts on social media!


Jeff Smith blog post on Syria Parliamentary event

Jeff Smith MP published a blog post on 19 November on the Parliamentary event at which he hosted us to launch our policy document. Jeff stressed in his post that it is important for policy makers to listen to Syrian voices when formulating any policy on Syria. We hope to continue working with Jeff to bring our voices to Parliament and to influence UK policy on Syria.

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