RR strives to clarify the complexities of the Syrian conflict to the wider British public and to promote Syrian issues within the British landscape. We have worked with policy makers on both local and national scales to address pertinent issues facing British Syrians, such as airport stops, police visits to homes, closure of Syrians' bank accounts and delayed processing times for asylum applications. RR also cultivates personal relationships with media professionals to influence the framework by which Syria is discussed. We serve as a critical source of information on the Syrian conflict for journalists. One of RR's objectives is to clarify the situation in Syria to the wider UK audience. We do that through organising educational seminars and academic conferences in addition to organising demonstrations and public vigils.
Recent news in Advocacy section

Statement: Concerns over the ramifications of a BBC Report claiming that UK funding to Syria has been misappropriated

Rethink Rebuild Society (RR) expresses its concern over the possible ramifications that a BBC report expected to be broadcasted tonight might cause in terms of curtailment of crucial aid and development funds channelled to Syria.


Rethink Rebuild Society Participates in 'Last Men in Aleppo: What Role Can the UK Play in Syria?' Panel Discussion

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Friends of Syria and Crisis Action held a panel event on 27 November 2017 under the title of 'Last Men in Aleppo: What Role Can the UK Play in Syria?' that served to warn of the dangers of repeating the same mistakes that international inaction and lack of accountability have impacted in the disaster of Aleppo in 2016.


Statement: Rethink Rebuild Society Condemns the United Nations Security Council’s Dereliction to Extend the Joint Investigative Mechanism in Syria

Rethink Rebuild Society released a statement on 17 November 2017 strongly condemning the UNSC’s dereliction to extend the mandate of the Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) which monitors and establishes accountability with respect to chemical weapons use in Syria.