RR strives to clarify the complexities of the Syrian conflict to the wider British public and to promote Syrian issues within the British landscape. We have worked with policy makers on both local and national scales to address pertinent issues facing British Syrians, such as airport stops, police visits to homes, closure of Syrians' bank accounts and delayed processing times for asylum applications. RR also cultivates personal relationships with media professionals to influence the framework by which Syria is discussed. We serve as a critical source of information on the Syrian conflict for journalists. One of RR's objectives is to clarify the situation in Syria to the wider UK audience. We do that through organising educational seminars and academic conferences in addition to organising demonstrations and public vigils.
Recent news in Advocacy section

Meeting with Cllr Luthfur Rahman

We met with Cllr Luthfur Rahman of Longsight Ward on 21 August. We discussed with Cllr Rahman how we can increase our cooperation with the Council so that we contribute to Manchester's cultural heritage and economic well-being while also being supported to carry out our services to the Syrian community.


Silenced Voices: New exhibition highlights political prisoners in Syria

An article in The Big Issue published on 17 August highlights our upcoming 8 September exhibition on Syrian women detainees in Assad's prisons. The article provides an overview of the situation for female detainees in Syria, gives an example of one specific story, and provides information about the exhibition which will be organised by Manchester's Syrian women.


Silent stand in Market Street on behalf of detainees

We held a silent stand on 16 August in Market Street in remembrance of the tens of thousands of detainees in Assad regime prisons who remain unaccounted for. Passers-by were able to learn of some of the horrific facts surrounding the detainee plight in Syria and were given leaflets on our upcoming exhibition on female detainees in Assad's prisons.


Press Release: Rethink Rebuild Society and Amnesty International to co-host exhibition ‘Silenced Voices: Syrian Women in Assad’s Prisons’

On the 8th September 2017, from 3pm-8pm, Cross Street Church will play host to Rethink Rebuild Society and Amnesty International’s exhibition, “Silenced voices: Syrian women in Assad’s prisons”.


Meeting with Afzal Khan MP

We had the pleasure of meeting with Afzal Khan MP on 9 August to discuss with him policy issues pertaining to Syria and Syrian refugees. As Afzal has been appointed as Labour's Shadow Immigration Minister, we delivered a briefing to him on the challenges facing Syrian refugees in resettling to the UK, which Afzal promised to work with us to address over the coming months.