In furtherance of its charitable objectives, RR strives to raise awareness on issues related to refugees and immigrants within the British landscape through work on policy and media. Because of our daily work with Syrian refugees, we serve as a critical source of information on the Syrian conflict for journalists and through our professional relationships with these journalists we work on the framework by which refugee crises, particularly in Syria, are discussed. RR also organises seminars and hosts academic conferences that draw in leading academics and community organisers for discussion and insight on often overlooked aspects of the Syrian conflict and other conflicts in the region.
Recent news in Advocacy section

'Silenced Voices' Exhibition in Manchester Museum

As part of Journeys Festival International, Manchester Museum hosted our exhibition 'Silenced Voices: Syrian Women in Assad's Prisons' on 7 October. We held this exhibition in collaboration with Amnesty International's Manchester group and used it as a platform to educate people about the plight facing Syrian women in Assad regime prisons.


TellMAMA "How Extremism Impacts on Hate Crime" event

We attended an event hold by TellMAMA organisation on Tuesday 3rd October about "How Extremism Impacts on Hate Crime". The speakers highlighted an insight into hate crimes and the importance of tackling and reporting hate crimes in addition to some keyfindings from tellMAMA upcoming annual report on the state of anti-Muslim hate crime in 2016.


Twelve UK-Syrian Organisations Submit Letter to Corbyn Asking for Renewed Focus on Civilian Protection in Syria

A group of twelve UK-based Syrian advocacy and community organisations, including Rethink Rebuild Society, submitted a letter on 29 September to Jeremy Corbyn MP regretting his lack of mention of the Syrian conflict in his Labour Party Conference speech on 27 September and inviting him to meet and discuss how Labour can best support Syrians who are still campaigning for basi


Labour Party Conference

This week, Rethink Rebuild volunteer George Morris attended the Labour Party conference in Brighton with colleagues from the Syria Solidarity Campaign. It was a great opportunity to speak to conference delegates and politicians, and we had a mainly positive response to our messages concerning refugees, civil society groups in Syria and civilian protection.