RR provides community assistance and support to improve lives and promote aspirations of Syrians in Manchester. In response to the growing number of Syrian immigrants to the UK, RR has established an advice service that provides support with immigration matters, benefits, and job searches, thus working to improve the economic and social well-being of Manchester Syrian residents and helping them to become self-reliant in their new country. RR also brings the Syrian community together during these difficult times experienced in their mother country through organising social gatherings and monthly seminars that promote constructive discussion within our community. Many of our activities are open to the public and are highly successful in networking the Syrian community with the wider Manchester community.
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Opening the School in Syria Funded by Manchester Community

Opening the School in Syria Funded by Manchester Community

Rethink Rebuild Society, the umbrella organisation of the Syrian community of Manchester, has launched a new educational project in partnership with Syria Relief charity. The Syrian families in Manchester have taken the initiative to sponsor some of Syrian children who lost their school places and left on streets outside the education stream.