BMHC Fundraising event

A group from the Syrian community of Manchester attended the fundraising event for the British Muslim Heritage Centre held at the centre's Marquee on Friday 6 May 2016.
The well attended event included presentations abut the BMHC and its contribution for the Muslim and non-Muslim communities.


Stories of Conflict, Migration and Place

We were at the 'Stories of Conflict, Migration and Place' event on Wednesday 4th May hosted by Community Arts North West and Platforma. We attended a very useful workshop on how to write scripts to make effective videos. We also saw a series of short videos in the morning that people had caught on their mobiles, showing different stories from the Syrian conflict.


Meeting With Refugee Action

We met with Stephen Hale, Chief Executive of Refugee Action, on 26 April to discuss integration and resettlement efforts for Syrian refugees. Building upon a previous meeting that we had with him, we discussed ways in which we can highlight some issues that Syrian refugees face, most particularly a lack of access to ESOL classes.


Thank You to the Jewish Community

Thank you to members of the Manchester Jewish community for inviting us to speak about the work we do at their Seder service on Sat 16th April.

The story of Prophet Moses and the freedom of the Israelites from Pharoah is one of the significant stories mentioned in the Quran and one that all three faiths, (Islam, Christianity and Judaism), share.


Meeting with Katy Wood from Manchester City Council

We met with Katy Wood from the Asylum, Refugee and Migration Service of Manchester City Council on 4 April. We talked about some of the local approaches to the integration of Syrian refugees and what sort of coordination we can achieve to link both of our efforts.