Meeting with UK Islamic Mission

We met with Sekandar Merza, Chairman of the UK Islamic Mission, on 29 April. This was a meeting of introduction and to seek means of cooperation to help with the resettlement of Syrian refugees to be active in their society. We are very grateful to Sekandar for his time and look forward to working further with UKIM.


Meeting with Julie Ward MEP

We met with Julie Ward MEP on 25 March to discuss issues pertaining to Syria. Given Julie's passion for refugees, we spent a considerable amount of time discussing the UK's vulnerable persons relocation scheme and identifying ways to push and challenge the implementation of the scheme.


Meeting with Refugee Resettlement Team

We met with Gillian Preece and Gideon Winward from the Syrian Refugee Resettlement Programme on 24 March. We introduced to them the work of Rethink Rebuild Society in helping Syrian refugees and some of the primary obstacles that we have faced in our work.


Meeting with Tim Farron MP

We met with Tim Farron MP during the Lib-Dems' York conference on 12 March. We first had a brief chat about the situation in Syria, and stressed the need to ensure that ceasefires and other international agreements are upheld by Russia and Assad.