A trip to the European Parliament

Rethink Rebuild Society's Communications and Campaigns Coordinator, Sarah Ayub, participated in a bittersweet trip to the European parliament in Brussels, on 28th and 29th March, at a key time just as Teresa May handed over the letter triggering article 50.


Syrian Diaspora Business Forum in Germany

Our General Manager, Mr Taha Saadelddin, attended on the 27th and the 28 of February 2017 the Syrian Diaspora Business Forum hosted by the World Bank Group in Eschborn, Germany.
The workshop was a joint effort of the WBG, GIZ, UK AID, CMI, IOM, CIIP and other partners.


Launch of Preston City of Sanctuary

We were invited to attend and speak at the launch of Preston City of Sanctuary. Preston City of Sanctuary are a network of volunteers, professionals and organisations committed to supporting new citizens and our multicultural communities with the two way integration process by:


"Families for Freedom" vigil in Geneva

We joined the vigil of the "Families for Freedom" group who stood outside the UN headquarters in Geneva to remind the Syrian negotiators of the plight of the detainees in the Assad's prisons.


Meeting with Cheshire East Council for Resettlement of Refugee Families

We met with Cheshire East Council on 22 of February to help advise on the resettlement of new Syrian families that are moving there under the UN program. We shared our experiences in working with Syrian refugees and detailed some best practice of welcoming and integrating families, as well as challenges and how to overcome them.