Manchester City of Sanctuary Launch of 'Everything You Want to Know' for Asylum Seekers

On 13th April 2017, we attended the Manchester City of Sanctuary's launch of the booklet 'Everything you want to know' for asylum seekers by asylum seekers, which is a very useful resource for those trying to resettle in Britain. It was a great event with the chance to connect with many people in the refugee and migrant field, to see how we can work together.


It was doomsday in Mosul

Rethink Rebuild Society in collaboration with the Friends of Mosul group organised a talk titled by "It was doomsday in Mosul" on Sunday 2nd April. The talk was delivered by Mr. Mazin Al-Khasshab, the Chairman of the Friends of Mosul.


A trip to the European Parliament

Rethink Rebuild Society's Communications and Campaigns Coordinator, Sarah Ayub, participated in a bittersweet trip to the European parliament in Brussels, on 28th and 29th March, at a key time just as Teresa May handed over the letter triggering article 50.


Syrian Diaspora Business Forum in Germany

Our General Manager, Mr Taha Saadelddin, attended on the 27th and the 28 of February 2017 the Syrian Diaspora Business Forum hosted by the World Bank Group in Eschborn, Germany.
The workshop was a joint effort of the WBG, GIZ, UK AID, CMI, IOM, CIIP and other partners.


Launch of Preston City of Sanctuary

We were invited to attend and speak at the launch of Preston City of Sanctuary. Preston City of Sanctuary are a network of volunteers, professionals and organisations committed to supporting new citizens and our multicultural communities with the two way integration process by: