Speaking to Liverpool Trades Union Council

We attended a meeting of the Liverpool Trades Union Council on 19 January and delivered a brief presentation on Syria and how networks of solidarity could be built with the trades unions across the country. The attendees were extremely supportive of the Syrian people and we look forward to working with the LTUC on Syria initiatives.


Meeting with Mike Kane MP

We met with Mike Kane MP in his constituency office on 13 January to discuss various issues pertaining to Syria. We focused on two core themes, the first pertaining to refugee support with Mr. Kane has a demonstrated track record, and secondly in finding a political solution in Syria.


Alison McGovern MP's visit to Rethink Rebuild

We met with Alison McGovern MP on 23 December. Alison, who is the co-chair of the Friends of Syria All-Party Parliamentary Group, kindly came to our office in Longsight, and we discussed how the situation in Syria may progress and how we should respond here in the UK.


Global Forum for Migration and Development in Bangladesh

Given our work in helping with flood efforts in Rochdale in December 2015 which received international coverage, we received an invitation to attend the Global Forum for Migration and Development Civil Society Days in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 8-10 December and to lead one of the panels on using community initiatives to tackle racism and xenophobia.


Tackling the menace of the far right

RR attended a conference on 18 November 2016 which sought to raise awareness regarding the rise of the far right in Britain under the title "Tackling the menace of the far right".
The conference took place at the British Muslim Heritage Centre and was hosted by CSF in collaboration with other organisations including RR.