Trials of Spring

As part of their film festival in June and July 2016 celebrating art and creativity in places of conflict, In Place of War held an event in collaboration with Rethink Rebuild Society on Sunday 10 July 2016.

'Trials of Spring' was a series of short films about women's resistance in Egypt and their vital roles during the Arab Spring.


A Successful Fastathon Challenge and Meal!

We had a successful breaking the fast meal at the end of our Ramadan fastathon challenge, in which people from all backgrounds and communities took part in a one day fast to raise awareness of the sieges in Syria, and how starvation is being used as a weapon of war by the Syrian regime.

Some of the people who took part in our fasting challenge included:


A talk at the ALF UK network meeting

The ALF UK network met in Manchester on 16/17 June 2016 to discuss their plans for future events and it was the biggest ever gathering of ALF UK network members which brought together representatives from over 30 UK member organisations.


Didsbury Festival with Amnesty International UK

We participated in the Didsbury Festival on 15 June alongside the Manchester branch of Amnesty International. Amnesty's stall was dedicated to raising awareness about Syria. Attendees were able to get a 360 degree visual experience in some of the affected areas in Syria, learn more about the situation, and sign action alerts to ask their MPs to take action.


Meeting with Jeff Smith MP

Rethink Rebuild Society had a meeting with Jeff Smith MP in Parliament on 15th June. We discussed civilian protection and condemnation of Assad’s war crimes in Syria. We were especially pleased that Mr Smith has agreed to take part in our fundraising Fast-a-thon on 1st July to help break the sieges.