Opening the School in Syria Funded by Manchester Community

Opening the School in Syria Funded by Manchester Community

Rethink Rebuild Society, the umbrella organisation of the Syrian community of Manchester, has launched a new educational project in partnership with Syria Relief charity. The Syrian families in Manchester have taken the initiative to sponsor some of Syrian children who lost their school places and left on streets outside the education stream.

The project aims to establish a primary school in one of the most affected areas that has no operating education system.

We are happy to announce that the school opened its doors for Syrian children on 15th September 2014. The school is located in the western suburbs of Aleppo Province, Syria where no education has been provided for the children there for almost three years. The school has accommodated 320 pupils aged 6 to 15 and 21 members of staff. All types of support have been provided for these children.

This project has been fully funded by the Syrian Community of Manchester and their friends through money boxes, food selling and other activities and implemented in collaboration with Syria Relief Charity.

We almost completed the collection of the fund for the first academic year (£40,000) and we will start collecting for the next academic year.

We thank all those who participated in our community educational project.


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