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Briefing: Assad cannot be an ally in the fight against Daesh

In response to the report by the Foreign Affairs Committee suggesting that the UK should cooperate with Assad to combat Daesh, we released both a press release and a Briefing exposing how delusional and childish this report is. We emphasised that Assad enabled Daesh's creation and expansion, is not serious about combating Daesh, and has no incentive to fight the group, and therefore cannot be taken as a reliable partner in the fight against terrorism. On the other hand, we emphasised that the moderate opposition is the best ally in the fight against Daesh but pointed out that it is unrealistic to suggest that the Free Syrian Army cooperate with Assad to fight Daesh.



Assad and Daesh are the other face of the same coin they both brutal and criminal and committed war crime against humanity, but Assad regime is far worse thank Daesh when it is comes to crime against humanity and ugly brutality and they will never been considered as a partner for freedom, Free Syrian Army has been battling both Assad and Daesh for a long time and he is the only ally should be considered to fight Daesh, any success in Syria will not be achieved unless Assad and his criminal circul go to ICC for justice then Daesh will loose it is argument and recruitment to fight in Syria and ultimately will loose battle

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