A Successful Fastathon Challenge and Meal!

We had a successful breaking the fast meal at the end of our Ramadan fastathon challenge, in which people from all backgrounds and communities took part in a one day fast to raise awareness of the sieges in Syria, and how starvation is being used as a weapon of war by the Syrian regime.

Some of the people who took part in our fasting challenge included:

Tony Lloyd Police and Crime Commissioner
Jeff Smith MP
Lucy Powell MP
Angela Raynor MP
Andy Burnham MP
Helen Pidd, Northern Editor of the Guardian
Bob Janis-Dillon - Unitarian Minister

The Fastathon was a fantastic experience, and people who took part said they learnt a lot. You can hear some of our supporters talking about their experiences here:




In London supporters raised awareness about the sieges in Syria by breaking their fast outside 10 Downing St.

Many thanks to everyone who took part and helped make the challenge a success! Please carry on supporting our campaign to help #breakthesiege


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