RR Launches #SaveMeInSyria Campaign

Rethink Rebuild Society has launched a new campaign #SaveMeInSyria. This campaign addresses the overwhelming pattern by which people’s compassionate responses to the shocking and gruesome images and videos from Syria is to provide Syrians with food, clothes, shelter, and refuge. What people tend to focus less on is how Syrian civilians became orphans, refugees, displaced persons, or in need of humanitarian assistance in the first place.

The campaign therefore aims to redirect the public’s focus to the root cause of the Syrian conflict, namely a lack of civilian protection from a brutal dictatorship, now aided and abetted by foreign backers (including Russia and Iran), and met with a blind eye from the international community.

This campaign also challenges the ISIS-first approach adopted by our policy makers by emphasising that the Assad regime’s actions are the major drive for the humanitarian crisis in Syria and for the consequent refugee and terrorism crises, and that therefore, the threat from ISIS cannot be addressed until civilian protection from Assad forces is established.

1- Check out and promote the campaign video below
2- Use hashtag #SaveMeInSyria.
3- Support the campaign on social media by adding the campaign logo to your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures using this link: https://twibbon.com/Support/savemeinsyria

To learn more about the campaign and how you can take part visit the campaign website at www.insyria.me

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