Seminars / Conferences

Presentation: Syria, the Suffering Continues

Cheadle mosque, in cooperation with RR, organised a seminar about the Syrian crisis under the title "Syria, the suffering continues" on Saturday 26 of November 2016.


Presentation at the All Hallows Catholic College

We visited a Year 8 classroom at the All Hallows Catholic College on 14 November to deliver a presentation on Syria and the refugee crisis. The students were extremely interested to hear about what was happening in Syria and were full of questions on why our Government has not been doing more to help the situation.


Student Action Presentation on Syria

We were invited by Student Action, a student group at Manchester University, to deliver a talk on the Syrian refugee crisis on 26 October. We first talked about how Syria was before the uprising to highlight the conditions that pushed people to protest in 2011.


Journeys Festival Conversation Corner

As part of the Journeys Festival, we facilitated the 'Conversation Corner' event on 08 October. Through this event we led a discussion with John Tomlinson and Emily Ntshangase-Wood from the play production 'Tanja'. This play is about a woman who is detained in Yarl's Wood detention centre and describes the situation of asylum seekers who are detained indefinitely.