Seminars / Conferences

Journeys Festival Conversation Corner

As part of the Journeys Festival, we facilitated the 'Conversation Corner' event on 08 October. Through this event we led a discussion with John Tomlinson and Emily Ntshangase-Wood from the play production 'Tanja'. This play is about a woman who is detained in Yarl's Wood detention centre and describes the situation of asylum seekers who are detained indefinitely.


'Muslims in Europe' Event at European Parliament

We were delighted to take part in a panel in an event in European Parliament on 29 September titled 'Muslims in Europe: Untold Success Stories'. The event was hosted by Afzal Khan MEP and our contribution pertained to the positive roles that Syrian refugees have played within European society. A warm thank you to MEP Afzal Khan for inviting us to take part in this event.


Presentation on Syria to Warrington's Rotary Club

We attended a meeting of Warrington's Rotary Club on 19 September and delivered a presentation on Syria alongside Nora Carlin of Care-UK, a charity which is involved in the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria. We focused on the issue of civilian protection and stressed the need to find a solution to the root cause of the problem.


Art and Creativity in Revolution and War

Rethink Rebuild Society, in collaboration with In Place of War had an inspiring evening of thinking about art and creativity in revolution and war.

The event involved short talks from prominent Manchester-based artists from different art disciplines, presenting their personal perspectives on the subject including:


Trials of Spring

As part of their film festival in June and July 2016 celebrating art and creativity in places of conflict, In Place of War held an event in collaboration with Rethink Rebuild Society on Sunday 10 July 2016.

'Trials of Spring' was a series of short films about women's resistance in Egypt and their vital roles during the Arab Spring.