Seminars / Conferences

Presentation on Syria to Warrington's Rotary Club

We attended a meeting of Warrington's Rotary Club on 19 September and delivered a presentation on Syria alongside Nora Carlin of Care-UK, a charity which is involved in the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria. We focused on the issue of civilian protection and stressed the need to find a solution to the root cause of the problem.


Art and Creativity in Revolution and War

Rethink Rebuild Society, in collaboration with In Place of War had an inspiring evening of thinking about art and creativity in revolution and war.

The event involved short talks from prominent Manchester-based artists from different art disciplines, presenting their personal perspectives on the subject including:


Trials of Spring

As part of their film festival in June and July 2016 celebrating art and creativity in places of conflict, In Place of War held an event in collaboration with Rethink Rebuild Society on Sunday 10 July 2016.

'Trials of Spring' was a series of short films about women's resistance in Egypt and their vital roles during the Arab Spring.


Young People in Humanitarianism Conference YPiH

We were excited to talk at the first Conference for Young people in Humanitarianism at the University of Manchester. 124 secondary schools and 18 teaching staff from all over Manchester attended the conference on Wednesday 22 June 2016.


A talk at the ALF UK network meeting

The ALF UK network met in Manchester on 16/17 June 2016 to discuss their plans for future events and it was the biggest ever gathering of ALF UK network members which brought together representatives from over 30 UK member organisations.