Seminars / Conferences

Voices From Syria at Leeds University

We were happy to be invited to Leeds University by the Politics and International Studies Society (POLIS), on 20th April 2016, to speak to students about the conflict in Syria. It was a pleasure to engage with such intelligent students and answer their questions about the Syrian conflict.


Juris North UK-Russian Symposium

We attended the 'First UK-Russian Symposium on Jurisprudence and Sovereignty' on 17 March 2016 which was hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester. This event brought together academics from both the UK and Russia to discuss issues pertaining to sovereignty.


Lecture at Manchester University's Human Geography

We delivered a talk to a Geography, Development and Inequality course (of 130 students) in Manchester University on 17 March. We talked about what life was like in Syria and how it is now for those who have made it to the UK as refugees. We would like to extend a special thank you to Dr. Jennifer O’Brien for extending this invitation to us.