Seminars / Conferences

Lecture at Manchester University's Human Geography

We delivered a talk to a Geography, Development and Inequality course (of 130 students) in Manchester University on 17 March. We talked about what life was like in Syria and how it is now for those who have made it to the UK as refugees. We would like to extend a special thank you to Dr. Jennifer O’Brien for extending this invitation to us.


Lib-Dem Conference Fringe Meeting on Syrian Refugees

We spoke in one of the fringe meetings in the Lib-Dem York conference on 12 March 2016 on the subject of Syrian refugees. We talked about a number of misconceptions that are commonly held regarding Syrian refugees, for example why they come to the UK and how they integrate within the communities.


Recognise Refugee Rights: Syria

We participated in an event on 29 February organised by Manchester University's Students Union titled 'Recognise Refugee Rights: Syria'. After the audience watched the documentary 'Departing: Arrivals' which interviews new Syrian refugees to Manchester, the audience heard from:


Workshop by Refugees Welcome Merseyside

Our Refugee Support Coordinator Amaf Yousef participated as a speaker in a workshop held by Refugees Welcome Merseyside in Liverpool on 27th February 2016. He shared stories and experiences that Syrians have had in Syria and in neighbouring countries and discussed how these experiences can affect their resettlement to the UK.


Juris North Presentation on Syria

On 24 February, our Advocacy and Policy Coordinator gave a presentation on Syria and the responsibility to protect to Juris North, an academic discussion group based in Manchester Metropolitan University.