Seminars / Conferences

Voices from Manchester for Withington Labour Party Meeting

We held a Voices from Syria presentation in collaboration with Syria Relief on 22 October. We presented the Syrian tragedy through personal narratives to an engaged audience and outlined what action they can do to help us lobby for civilian protection in Syria.


Voices from Syria to the Constituency Labour Party in Surrey

The Constituency Labour Party in Surrey invited us to present a Voices from Syria presentation on 20 October. We spoke to an audience of approximately 40 people. The audience was completely in tears by the time we were done as they were deeply affected by the Syrian story.


Stop the War Event: 'Don't Bomb Syria'

RR attended an event for Stop the War titled 'Don't Bomb Syria' on 6 October. The event's discussion centred around UK policy around Syria and the group's strong view that the UK should not get involved at all. Unfortunately, none of the panel speakers were Syrian, and the Syrian voice was marginalised throughout the event.