Seminars / Conferences

Stop the War Panel on Syria without Syrian Speakers

Rethink Rebuild Society has had no response to an email it sent to Stop the War on 23 September requesting an opportunity to speak at its Manchester event on Syria on 6 October. The current panel features four speakers, none of whom are Syrian, thereby framing a discussion on Syria without input from the most important party to the issue - the Syrian people themselves.


Voices from Syria in Todmorden

We presented our 'Voices from Syria' talk to a large group of members of the University of the Third Age. In relaying the Syrian conflict through personal narratives, we were able to convey the nature of the conflict as Syrians experience it on the ground.


Voices from Syria in Hebden Bridge

We held a 'Voices from Syria' presentation at the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge. We presented to a very engaging audience and clarified the Syrian conflict through personal narratives.


Oxford for Syria Panel: Future of Syria

RR participated in a panel discussion sponsored by the 'Oxford for Syria' group in Oxford University titled 'What Now Syria? Reflections on the Country's Future'. Other panel participants included Prof. Alex Betts (Professor of Migration Studies at Oxford University), Dr.