Seminars / Conferences

Film Screening of Syria's Disappeared

We hosted a free film screening on Sunday 7th May of Channel 4's documentary 'Syria's Disappeared: The Case Against Assad', in association with Manchester Amnesty International.


Borders and Freedom of Movement from Refugees Perspective

Dr Haytham Alhamwi, RR Advocacy Director, delivered a talk to Manchester University's Moral Geographies students on Thursday 27 April. The title of the talk was "Borders and Freedom of Movement from a Refugee's Perspective". He talked about what life was like in Syria and why Syrians are fleeing their homeland.


Syria: The Democratic Revolution Continues

We hosted human rights activist Peter Thatchell for an event on 26 April titled 'Syria: The Democratic Revolution Continues'. This event was hosted at Manchester University in collaboration with the University Politics Society.


Event with Gorton Labour candidate for MP Afzal Khan

We held an event at our centre on 19 April with Gorton Labour candidate for MP Afzal Khan. Afzal discussed the importance of being engaged in the political process and of making our voices heard. He also took questions from the audience on Syria and Libya, and stressed his long-standing opposition to the Assad regime.


It was doomsday in Mosul

Rethink Rebuild Society in collaboration with the Friends of Mosul group organised a talk titled by "It was doomsday in Mosul" on Sunday 2nd April. The talk was delivered by Mr. Mazin Al-Khasshab, the Chairman of the Friends of Mosul.