Seminars / Conferences

SOAS Syria Awareness Week Presentation

Our Refugee Support Coordinator Ahmad Mujahed Nayef delivered a presentation on 30 January in London on activism for Syria using the experiences of Rethink Rebuild Society. This presentation was hosted by the SOAS Syria Society as part of Syria Awareness Week.


Warrington Soroptimist Society

We delivered a presentation on Syria to the Warrington Soroptimist Society on 17 January. We provided an overview of the situation in Syria and discussed ways that people can help. Nora Carlin from Refugee Aid NW also delivered a presentation more specifically on the humanitarian aspects of the Syrian conflict and the charitable work that the charity undertakes.


Medecins Sans Frontiere Fundraiser

We attended a fundraising event for MSF hosted by local activists which sought to raise awareness of the situation in Aleppo and to support MSF's work in Syria. We gave a short talk in the event to provide an overview of the situation in Syria and to thank everyone for their show of solidarity.


What Is Aleppo?

We hosted an event at our office on 19 December titled 'What Is Aleppo?' With everything happening in Syria and in Aleppo specifically, we understand that people may be confused about the situation, what is happening on the ground, and which narrative to believe. This presentation therefore provided an overview of the Syrian conflict through the Syrian voice.