Social Gatherings

Indoor Family Fun Day

We held our indoor family fun day on Sunday 10 April in Levenshulme High School. This is one of the largest annual Syrian events in the country and we were blessed with amazing weather, dedicated and selfless volunteers, and wonderful guests who came from Manchester, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, and beyond!


Movie Night: Paradise Now

Our movie night on 20 March was 'Paradise Now', a film set in the context of the Palestinian conflict. The film was very insightful and thought-provoking, and the discussion afterwards grappled with some very difficult questions.


Women's Night in RR Centre

Syrian women enjoyed a social evening in the office on 11 March. The office will be open on Thursday evenings from 6-10 pm for women and we are open for all women to join.


Celebration of Muslim Women's Achievements

We attended the 'Celebration of Muslim Women's Achievements' on Saturday 5 March which proved to be a lovely evening. This event highlighted some of the many achievements of a diverse group of Muslim women. Syrian women also contributed to this event by highlighting the struggles and the successes of Syrian women despite five years of conflict.


‘A Syrian love story’ film screening

Rethink Rebuild Society showed the film ‘A Syrian love story’ on Sunday 28 February 2016 followed by a discussion about the film and about the Syrian cause in general and of refugees more specifically.