Social Gatherings

Manchester University Islamic Society Dinner

Our Refugee Support Coordinator spoke at a dinner held by the University of Manchester's Islamic Society about Syrians' ethical, academic and career successes during their UK experience. This dinner was hosted by the Islamic Society to welcome new Syrians to the community.


Meeting of Syrian women in the community

A group of Syrian women met on 24 February to discuss community initiatives that they are planning. They have already started a project to collect clothes for Syria, and another one to help new Syrians integrate into their new communities. This group is now working on building a database of Syrians in Manchester and scoping out the needs of this group.


Movie Night: The Wind that Shakes the Barley

Our movie for the month of February was 'The Wind that Shakes the Barley', which was based on the Irish resistance to Britain. The movie was followed by a very interesting discussion given that its relevance to the situation in Syria.


Women's meeting to start community initiatives

A group of women met in the office of Rethink Rebuild Society on Thursday 21 January to discuss community initiatives that they are interested in organising. The women agreed on a number of projects and assigned team leaders for each one. These projects include:


Social Gathering for Syrians in Manchester

RR Society organised a social gathering for the Syrian community in Manchester on 25 December 2015. About 150 Syrians gathered to socialise and enjoy their time together. Children also enjoyed their time watching movies, playing video games and running around.