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Barrel bombs rained from the sky 'like bees', says RR Office Coordinator

Barrel bombs rained form the sky 'like bees', says RR Office Coordinator

Describing the dangerous conditions that made him flee Syria, Yasser Aljasser said that regime barrel bombs rained from the sky 'like bees'. These conditions prompted him to undertake a dangerous journey to the UK. Yasser affirms that although his brother was killed by ISIS, Assad remains the primary threat to civilians in the country.


The Times: Database of death lets Syrians find Assad victims

RR interviewed for this piece in The Times on the effect that the Caesar photographs have had on Syrians around the world. Dr. Alhamwi highlights that not only is there anguish when people identify loved ones, but also when they are uncertain as to the identity of the bodies because of the level of mutilation and torture that they have undergone.

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