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Orient News TV Interview on work of Rethink Rebuild Society

Orient News TV has done a report on the work of Rethink Rebuild Society and at the end of that report it interviewed RR's Managing Director Dr Haytham Alhamwi. Dr Alhamwi spoke about some of the different aspects of our work and highlighted some of the points that helped RR to succeed in its work and some of the internal and external obstacles RR is facing.


Protest in Manchester Piccadilly: All Lives Matter! No Human is Illegal!

A protest was held in Manchester Piccadilly Gardens on 4 September titled 'All Lives Matter! No Human is Illegal!' Rethink Rebuild Society was one of over twelve organisations that sponsored this protest. The turnout was very high and diverse and Manchester residents stated loud and clear that we want Manchester and the wider UK to resettle more refugees.



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