Inside Out Film Screening

We held a film screening of Inside Out at our community centre on 26th February 2017. This Oscar winning film tells the story of 11 year old Riley who, when uprooted from her Midwestern lifestyle and moves to the busy and chaotic San Francisco, her emotions; Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, and (her most important emotion) Joy, start to disagree on how to deal with this dramatic, and traumatic change before ‘Joy’ learns that happiness is all the more meaningful when you've also experienced defeat, loss, or loneliness.

We had an interesting discussion afterwards with the audience exploring issues like: can Inside Out help Syrians think, or re-think their national and personal tragedy and loss? Can the film help us make sense of our emotions and trauma? What can we learn from the emotional roller-coaster that goes on inside the mind of the 11-year-old Riley?

It was a very enjoyable and thought provoking evening, attended by adults and children alike.


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