Voices From Syria at Blackpool Speakeasy

We were invited to present 'Voices From Syria' to Blackpool Speakeasy on 8th February, 2017. It was a great evening and the audience was moved to tears listening to the experiences of Dr Haytham Alhamwi in the Syrian conflict. Here is what the organiser had to say about the event:

"Humbled by Dr Alhamwi's Speakeasy tonight and gratified by everyone who came along to listen to what he had to say about his experience as a prisoner and refugee. For myself, tonight's talk was the realisation of the reason for starting the Speakeasy, having wanted to bring such a speaker to Blackpool since early last year, for a local audience to hear first-hand testimony and find out about the conflict in Syria from those affected by it. Our thanks go to Dr Alhamwi for his time and making the journey from Manchester to speak for us."

Thank you to Speakeasy for hosting us.

If you would like to host a Voices From Syria please email info@rrsoc.org


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