Syria's Rebellious Women

For International Women's Day we held on Sunday 12 March a film screening of Syria's Rebellious Women, a documentary by award winning journalist, Zaina Erhaim. Filmed for over 18-months in war-torn Aleppo, the film shows women who have been fighting on the front line alongside men, or are responsible for food and essential supplies or stitching up the wounded in field hospitals.

Erhaim’s series shows that far from being victims, Syrian women are fighters in the struggle for a free Syria. They battle, not just the destruction brought about by the Assad regime, but also the patriarchal attitude in some segments of their community towards women on the frontlines.

In addition, on the night, Syrian women living in Manchester shared their stories about the challenges, battles and struggles they have faced in the conflict. It was great to see such a diverse audience connect and relate to their stories.


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