***ACTION ALERT*** Demand response from the BBC on our Syria report

Our report on the BBC's biased Syria coverage, which uncovered a dramatic under-reporting of crimes perpetrated by Assad and Russia, has been completely ignored by the BBC. We need your help to ensure that the BBC is held to account!
#BBCSyriaReport available at http://rrsoc.org/node/746

1. Email the template below (or feel free to improvise) to Nick.Sutton@bbc.co.uk, Quentin.Sommerville@bbc.co.uk, Jeremy.Bowen@bbc.co.uk, Paul.Royall@bbc.co.uk
These are the Editor of BBC website; Middle East Editor;
Middle East Correspondent; and Editor of the 6 and 10 o'clock news respectively
2. Call the BBC General Complaints line:
03700 100 222
Choose option 1, then choose option 1 again, then option 2. You will leave your feedback to a machine (you have 1 minute only!) and your comments will be transcribed by BBC staff. You can also use the template below for talking points.
3. Nominate four people to participate in our Action Alert by partaking in one of the above. The more complaints the BBC recieves, the more pressured they will be to respond to our report, and the more likely it is to be picked up by other national media.

Email template:
Dear ____________,
As a British citizen/resident/member of the British Syrian community, I am concerned about the BBC's coverage of the conflict in Syria. Rethink Rebuild Society has released a report entitled "Altering the Trends: The BBC's Biased Reporting of the Syrian Conflict" which presents a notable under-reporting or under-emphasis of crimes committed by Assad and Russia (available at http://rrsoc.org/…/pdf/Analysis_of_BBC_Coverage_on_Syria.pdf).
Given the BBC's stature and reputation, it has the ability to shape UK public opinion and decision making in relation to the devastating humanitarian crisis in Syria. I urge the BBC to acknowledge Rethink Rebuild Society's report and hope the BBC will take its findings into account in its future coverage on Syria, and also that it will issue an official response to Rethink Rebuild Society and the public.
Best regards,
your name


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