Hiraeth event by SICK! Festival

We hosted a 'Hiraeth' event for SICK! Festival at our office on 8 March which hosted three artistic performances exploring themes of home, family history and loss.

***HIRAETH*** A Welsh word defined as homesickness tinged with sadness for the lost or departed.


Daughters of The Curry Revolution is an intimate performance. Afreena invites you to take a seat around her dinner table as she serves up second-hand stories of her father’s past, present, and what little she imagines is left of his future. Exploring what it means to be her dad’s daughter in the context of the anti-immigration rhetoric she is surrounded by, Afreena follows her dad’s journey to this country, and his journey to this day.

My Father’s Kitchen explores home-cooked food and family trees, whilst delving into the stories that unfold in her father’s kitchen, Toni-Dee Paul’s performance My Father’s Kitchen examines the relationship between an 8-year-old girl and her estranged father. It revisits their journey 12 years on, whilst simultaneously reflecting on hundreds of years of Jamaican history through memory and poetry.

Asteroid RK1 was developed with men who have slept on Manchester’s streets and the city’s Mustard Tree charity, Jamil presents a performance about outer-space and our inner-city streets. Asteroids and addictions. Meteorites and human rights. Comets in the night sky and care in the city. Jamil’s performance balances an infectious enthusiasm for the absurdities of life, with a profound enquiry into social problems.


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