Diana Darke: My House in Damascus - An Inside View of the Syrian Crisis

On Friday 21st July, we were delighted to have Diana Drake, author of 'My House in Damascus,' give a talk as part of the 'Celebrating Syria' festival. Diana took us on a journey into the heart of Syria as it is today, illustrated with her own photos and writing.

With the unique perspective of an Arabic-speaking British woman, Diana became deeply embedded in all levels of Syrian society when she bought and restored a house in a mixed Sunni/Shi’a neighbourhood of the walled Old City of Damascus.

Drawing on the author’s first-hand knowledge and experience of Syria’s complex religious and ethnic communities, this book illuminates the darker recesses of the country’s history, politics, and society. The highly acclaimed “My House in Damascus”, now in its third edition, blends the true story of the author’s house against a backdrop of Syrian society, philosophy, architecture and literature. It is one of the very few books to describe the human face of the Syrian crisis.


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