***ACTION ALERT*** Write to your MP on Syrian detainees

Please write to your MP on the issue of Syrian detainees by clicking on the link below and copying and pasting the following letter into the relevant area. Then kindly share with all your contacts on social media!

Dear [insert MPs name here],

My name is ……… and I am a constituent of yours at……….

I am writing to implore you to take action against the war crimes that are currently being committed against Syrian civilians, particularly Syrian prisoners in detention centres.
It is estimated that over 215,000 Syrian civilians have been detained since 2011, 99% of whom have been detained by the Assad regime. The treatment that these prisoners receive is incomprehensibly brutal. For example, in Saydnaya prison alone 13,000 civilians have been executed since 2011 according to a February 2017 report by Amnesty International. Prisoners are tortured, both physically and mentally, until they are left feeling irreversibly humiliated and traumatised. This could go on for months, or even years, without a prisoner ever being told what their alleged crime was.

Crimes that the regime consider sufficient enough for imprisonment can range from engaging in a peaceful protest against the regime to something as petty as writing a Facebook status criticising Assad.

I am asking that you take a stand to end these crimes against humanity.The UK has thus far been effective in supplying humanitarian aid to Syria, but this is simply not enough. I ask that you call upon the UK Government to:

• Prioritise the release of Syrian detainees in any political efforts made by the UK to address the crisis in Syria.
• Work with non-regime political and military partners to establish an accountable and transparent justice system in areas outside of regime control in Syria. Primarily, this should aim to uphold human rights across the country.
• Apply pressure on Russian and Chinese governments to stop blocking efforts at the UN Security Council to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court.
• As long as the UN Security Council remains paralysed, support alternatives for prosecution including via the International Impartial and Independent Mechanism established by the UN General Assembly, or through British Courts.

I sincerely hope that you will receive this request with the upmost sincerity, as we cannot continue to turn a blind eye whilst the people of Syria pay the price. Every civilian deserves the right to security and democracy in their country, and it is now up to the UK to do its part to ensure this is the case in Syria.

Yours Sincerely,
[insert name]


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