Exhibition: Silenced Voices: Syrian Women in Assad's Prisons

We co-hosted an exhibition alongside Amnesty International's Manchester branch on 8 September in Cross Street Chapel. This planning for this exhibition was headed mostly by Syrian women from the community who either were former detainees in Assad's prisons or who have relatives currently in detention. The exhibition aimed to shed light on the plight and experiences of Syrian women in Assad's prisons and some of the hidden struggles that they undergo. It included an overview of the stories of sixteen different women, some of the methods of torture that are employed by Assad security forces, a mock solitary cell, a multimedia centre where attendees could read articles or watch videos related to Syrian women in detention, a jewellery stand to sell jewellery made by female detainees (to contribute to a fund to support their families), and a take action stall where attendees could send a letter to their MPs. The exhibition was well attended including by Jeff Smith MP, Cllr Luthfur Rahman, Cllr Grace Fletcher-Hackwood, and Cllr John Leech.


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