From Syria to Manchester: A talk at MMU's Home Project

Dr Haytham Alhamwi from Rethink Rebuild Society delivered a talk in the "International City" strand of the Home Project about the Syrian community in Manchester on Thursday 28th September at Flour & Flagon. The talks aimed to understand why Manchester is called a multicultural, multilingual city and what are the benefits of having so many communities, languages, cultures which lead to call Manchester an international city. The other speaker at the same event was Rogers Govender, the dean of Manchester Cathedral.

The Home Project is an induction programme for the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at Manchester Metropolitan University that gives the students the opportunity to explore Manchester and see what a fantastic resource it is for students' studies. It has four main strands: Manchester's radical history, International City, whether it is a Northern Powerhouse or not and also from Cottonpolis to Northern Quarter.


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