Vigil to Protect Civilians in Syria

On Sunday 10th of December, the International Human Rights Day, Amnesty International alongside Rethink Rebuild Society staged a vigil to protest against the siege applied by the Assad regime on civilians in Eastern Ghouta, and the dire humanitarian condition of people trapped inside. We got members of the public to sign addressed letters to MPs in order to lift the siege and stop the regime's attacks on civilians.

For more than four years Eastern Ghouta has been under siege, with food and medicine particularly becoming scarce after all informal routes to the enclave were closed in early 2017. Babies have died due to malnutrition, patients in need of urgent medical care have been denied evacuation, and civilians have been continuously subjected to terrorising airstrikes and artillery shelling, even banned cluster munitions, by the Assad regime.

This vigil was staged to remind the public that there are people in other parts of the world that are suffering on a daily basis, and whose conditions must urgently change.


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