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Statement: Immediate International Action to Stop the Escalation of Violence in Syria is Demanded

Rethink Rebuild Society released a statement pleading Britain and the international community to put an end to the escalation in violence witnessed across Syria over the past weeks. At a supposed stage of de-escalation, civilians in Idlid, Eastern Ghouta, and Afrin remain highly vulnerable to attacks from conflict parties.

The Syrian regime is facing minimal incentives and pressures to stop its aggression on civilians and seriously commit to a political process in light of other foreign actors' recent military activeness. 'De-escalation' guarantors Russia, Turkey and Iran are demanded to stop their aggression and commit seriously to their efforts to reduce levels of violence across the country, including barring the regime from its continued hostilities. While rhetoric of peace is provided, involved foreign powers are increasingly shaping the conflict’s end in pursuit of their interests at the expense of Syrian human life and destruction.

We call on the UK Government to back up this demand with clear condemnation and rejection of this escalation in violence if it is serious in pushing for peace in Syria. Reports of regime chemical weapons use is alarmingly concerning and must be immediately responded to with serious investigations that can hold perpetrators accountable. RR asks the UK to call for an urgent UN session to address the escalation of violence in Syria and mount pressure on conflict aggressors to end the violence and spare human life in order to create a climate for genuine and sincere political negotiations to end the conflict.

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